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Summer Corporate Gifts

Summer corporate gifts can be a great way to motivate employees during the hotter days of the year with incentives, offer recognition for exceptional performance, or even recognize business partners and vendors that help your business grow.  Holidays like Father’s Day, The 4th of July, and Labor Day are also midyear opportunities to use summer corporate gifts to encourage loyalty, promote your brand, or even reward customers.  There are great options to choose from which are easy to order, easy to give, and simple for recipients to use.

Corporate Gifts For Summer

There are great ways to give summer related corporate gifts to your employees, business partners, vendors, and customers.  Here are some of the exciting options that you can order to make the summer and summer holidays more exciting.

Grill Gift Certificates

Grill Gift CertificatesA new grill gets the summer started right this year and can give many years of enjoyment.  Smokey Joe Grill Gift Certificates are the gift that keeps giving and grilling is as summer as fireworks or hot weather. The Smokey Joe is also compact so it is easy to travel with and great for those summer adventures.  Charcoal grills also offer flavor that propane just can’t match.

Grilling Gift Certificates

Lots of people already have a grill and just need the meat to go on it and Grilling Gift Certificate offers those your gift the power of choice.  They can choose to use it to buy a rack of ribs or steak of their choice. This means that they can take the certificate to virtually Participating Stores and use it to get the meat they crave for their summer time grilling.

Holiday Meal Gift Certificates

Father’s day, The 4th of July, Labor Day are 3 of summer’s biggest holidays and common times for summer get together’s and even family reunions.  Giving out Holiday Meal Gift Certificates is a fun way of letting your employees choose the meal items to include in their summer celebrations and events.  They can be used on turkey, ham, or any other grocery items that build up their special meals.

Steak Gift Certificates

A year round and summer time favorite for many Americans is steak. Steak Gift Certificates are welcome just about any time of year but especially during primetime grilling season. Receiving one of these steak gift certificates means getting to go to the store and choose the steak, cut, and marbleization that they love best.

Ham Gift Certificates

Ham is a favorite for lots of people at Thanksgiving and all year long.  Giving Ham Gift Certificates makes it possible for your employees, customer, or anyone you give a gift certificate to the ability to go and choose the ham they love and have a special meal remembering your generosity.  Build relationships, loyalty, and recognize the employees and corporate partners that make your company thrive.

Turkey Gift Certificates

While turkey is the centerpiece of Thanksgiving many people love to eat it all year long.  It is a great way to get a lot of food for a lot of people and works well for large summer gatherings.  Giving Turkey Gift Certificates during the summer gives lots of people license to prepare the turkey of their choice in non-traditional ways.

Rack of Ribs Gift Certificates

Ribs offer tender, delicious, and treasured meal experiences. Giving Rib Gift Certificates offers your employees or customers the ability to go to the store, pick out their favorite ribs, and have a meal on you.  Ribs are a great meal at any time of the year, yet giving them in the summer is a great way to set yourself apart and recognize people outside of the traditional holiday hustle and bustle.

BBQ Gift Certificates

Give the gift of summer grilling by giving BBQ Gift Certificates. These certificates can be used for any of the favorite BBQ meal items such as: steaks, ribs, hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, turkey, and more. This is the “power of choice” gift certificate option as it allows recipients to choose their favorite BBQ meat items.

Deli Gift Certificates

Deli Gift Certificates make it possible for your employees or customers to get deli meats, cheeses, or other deli items they love and want for their summer get togethers. Lots of families and people love summer but don’t always want a hot meal on a hot day and might prefer cold sandwiches and deli platters.

Ice Cream Gift Certificates

After a big meal or on hot days cooling off with delicious ice cream is a great way to enjoy summer. Ice Cream Gift Certificates are valid for any brand, any flavor, and at just about Participating Stores. Ice cream is a fun way to add diversity to your gift certificate program and a welcomed gift for your employees and customers.

Pie Gift Certificates

Apple pie is an American icon and a summertime favorite. When you give a Pie Gift Certificate your customers and employees will have a sweet after meal reminder of your appreciate for their work or patronage. Whether they want cherry, apple, or any other flavor these gift certificates are good for any brand and redeemable at virtually Participating Stores.

Other Summer Corporate Gifts

Just to get the ideas rolling, here are some more great summer corporate gift ideas:

  • Tote Sun Kits, to keep all your sun products in one place
  • Fans that fold, for those unexpected moments you need to cool down
  • Sunglasses that match, so the entire team go has style
  • Cell phone bags that are waterproof, protection for your phone when swimming or boating
  • Bluetooth key finder, lets you use your phone to find those keys
  • USB driver pens, quickly pulls apart to use
  • Barbecue cooking books, share some outdoor summer grilling ideas with the corporate staff
  • Mini fans, something that can always be handy in the summer
  • Picnic blankets, with water resistant backing so the inside keeps dry, and very popular
  • Bluetooth mini speakers, handy enough to keep in your vehicle for those occasions your hanging out and want to listen to some music
  • Pop sockets for cell phones, they let you talk without having to hold the phone and handy for when you are watching video’s

Ordering Bulk Summer Corporate Gifts

It is easy to order summer corporate gifts with PromoGroup Rewards.  Gift certificates are the simple way for business owners and managers to build better working relationships with employees and increase loyalty with customers. You can choose your denomination, include a message, and even have your logo printed on the gift certificates.  This leaves no doubt where the gesture and gift came from and that the recipient is important and valued by your company or organization.  You can order summer corporate gifts online or call 1-800-288-8671

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