Valentine’s Day Gift Certificates – Flowers & Chocolates


Impress your customers or employees on Valentine’s Day with our Chocolate or Flowers Gift Certificates. They get the Chocolate or Flowers they want, when they want it! Our Valentine’s Day gift certificates are easy to distribute and make a wonderful gift for the receiver.

Call for VIP pricing over 2500 coupons – Free Expedited Shipping (2-3 days) over 500 certificates – *Minimum order on this product is 250 certificates

Quantity Discounts
1-24 25-249 250-499 500-4999 5000+
$0.00 $10.50 $10.40 $10.00 $10.00
Quantity Discounts
1-24 25-249 250-499 500-4999 5000+
$0.00 $15.50 $15.40 $15.00 $15.00
Quantity Discounts
1-24 25-249 250-499 500-4999 5000+
$0.00 $20.50 $20.40 $20.00 $20.00


Valentine’s Day Gift Certificates For Sale

If you’re searching for “Valentine’s Day Gift Certificates” you are probably an employer looking for ways to recognize your employees and make the day fun for them and their families.  You can show your employees that you recognize their work and efforts by helping them make Valentine’s Day special for their loved ones. Handing out chocolates and flowers might send mixed messages about who is the focus of the gesture, but gift certificates that help your employees give the best Valentine’s Day gifts to their loved ones is the perfect solution.

How To Order Gift Certificates

Candy Gift Certificates


The gift of candy is one of the most common traditional gifts for people to give on Valentine’s Day. Our gift certificates can be used to buy your sweet the sweets that they love for that special day. From red hots to smarties your candy gift certificate recipients will be able to make that day special for their loved one.

Chocolate Gift Certificates

Valentine’s Day without chocolates is like summer without sunshine. Giving your employees Valentine’s Day chocolate gift certificates makes showing their loved ones they are special just that much easier.  Your Valentine’s Day gift certificate recipients will be able to easily redeem their gift at their local grocer.

Flower Gift Certificates

Flowers are one of the most symbolic gifts that are given on Valentine’s Day.  They are a symbol of spring, of renewal, and of beauty. Giving these certificates helps your employees go the extra mile in their preparations. Make the day special by helping your employees give more for Valentine’s Day.

Coffee Gift Certificates

Couples love each other, sunny days, but not everyone loves mornings. A great Valentine’s Day gift option is coffee. It is the way many of us wake up in the morning and giving it as a Valentine’s Day gift shows that you want your loved one to start the day right, every day. The recipients of these gift certificates can go and choose their loved ones their favorite coffee blend at the local grocery store.

Ice Cream Gift Certificates

A sweet way to end your Valentine’s Day fun is to share some ice cream with the family. Our gift certificates can be used to buy any of your favorite brands at your local store. It is a great way to get everyone in on the fun of the day and end on a high note.

Valentine’s Day – Flowers & Chocolates

PromoGroup Rewards Chocolate or Flowers Gift Certificates are the perfect bulk gifts for Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s Day gift certificates add diversity to your employee incentive and sales incentives programs.  This popular Chocolate or Flowers gift certificate is a great way to say thanks to your loved ones, employees and customers.  Receivers can redeem their Gift Certificate on or before the expiration date at their favorite store for ANY Chocolate or Flowers they want up to the maximum value of the certificate.  ANY BRAND, ANY VARIETY, and ANY SIZE.

Valentine’s Day Gift Certificates

The PromoGroup Valentine’s Day Gift Certificate lets them choose from all of top stores nationwide. This gift certificate is emailable or shippable and can be redeemed for the flower and chocolates of their choice from hundreds of top chocolate and flower vendors and merchants in the United States.

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Employees?

Send your Valentine’s Day gift certificate online through email or get it shipped to you and print it out for hand delivery.

How To Order Our gift certificates

Step 1. Select the Valentine’s Day gift certificate you are interested in. You can choose from a variety of certificates we have available including chocolates and flower certificates, grocery certificates, ham gift certificates and much much more. View our wide selection of Gift Certificates here. 

Step 2. Select the amount of your certificate: Choose Between $10, $15 and $20 certificates. Next, select the amount of certificates you would like to order. The minimum order is 25 certificates. The more certificates you order, the greater discount you receive. Save Big when order 2,500 gift certificates or more!

Step 3. You can get the certificates sent to you by email or shipped to your location. Just let us know which way you would like to receive your certificates. Also, if you ordering 500 or more certificates you can get them personalized with your company logo, message and company colors. Personalization only available on orders of 500 or more.

Step 4. Smile… You just did something really awesome for your employees, co-workers or loved ones. They will be mentally thanking you while enjoying the flowers, chocolate, groceries etc… Awarding employees is one of the best signs of appreciation you can come by in business and of course accompanied by a heartfelt “thank you!”.

The Gift Certificate is designed and manufactured with “Level 3” security that projects the look and feel of a valuable gift experience.  Your logo and custom message can be added, for free, on orders of 500 or more; Simply call us at 1-800-288-8671.

Orders of less than 500 gift certificates:  There is no customization option on orders less than 500 gift certificates.

Get a discount on orders of 500 or more gift certificates.

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Customize Your Certificates

It’s easy to Customize your PromoGroup Rewards Certificates with your custom message and logo with orders of 500 or more certificates. Simply call 1-800-288-8671 and one of our certificate specialist will take your order, get your message and logo and send you a proof for your approval. Simple as 1-2-3!