Copy and Tamper Resistant / Certificate Security Features

PromoGroup uses SecureGuard REACT™ Certificate Paper with CIC Holograms. Developed with permission from the CIC.
Our Certificates use state of the art Anti-counterfeiting Security Technology PLUS the CIC Hologram.

We have the safest most secure Certificates in the industry!

Ham Gift Certificate
Back Side Of Ham Gift Certificate

Features Include:

1. CIC Hologram

The Unique Hologram protects the Certificate from being duplicated and is easy to Authenticate.

2. OMNI DIRECTIONAL Hidden Message Technology

The word “VOID” appears on the photocopy in the background.  Image may vary depending upon the copier used to make photocopy.


Featuring Micro Format’s LUMINARY TECHNOLOGY™ that disrupts and prevents the ability of high resolution color copiers to accurately duplicate a document printed on SecureGuard REACT Paper.

4. Distinctive “ERASURE” protection security background

Marks appear where erased with ink eraser.

5. Unique Serial Number

Every certificate has a Unique Serial Number.

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