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Reasons to Provide Employees a Thanksgiving Turkey Gift

There is nothing that really states ‘thank you’ the way a gifted turkey does for Thanksgiving.

A turkey is the center piece for a unique American holiday that is celebrated by everyone, regardless of their cultural background or religion. Turkey is not simply a great tasting bird; it is a shared historical celebration with family traditions and values.

It is also the best symbol for gratitude as an employee gift. A Thanksgiving turkey is also one of the easiest and practical methods for thanking your employees.

Iconic Symbol for Gratitude

Thanksgiving has been celebrated by Americans for almost four centuries.

During 1863, Thanksgiving was declared a national holiday by President Abe Lincoln for celebrating blessings.

When Thanksgiving was declared a national holiday by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863, for celebrating “blessings of healthful skies and fruitful fields,” turkey had previously become an iconic symbol of American gratitude. It had been that way for many generations.

The National Turkey Federation began presenting an honorary bird every year at the White House for Thanksgiving, by the 1940’s.

The Thanksgiving turkey gift become a custom that is still continued at the White House. Since 1989 when George H.W. Bush was in office, it has become tradition for presidents to grant a ‘presidential pardon’ to a Thanksgiving turkey, allowing it to live the rest of its life naturally.

The tradition of the presidential pardon is a symbol of gratitude for the 46 million turkeys that Americans consume every Thanksgiving. However, roasted turkey is not a joy reserved only for Thanksgiving, 19 million are consumed for Easter and 22 million on Christmas.

The turkey is synonymous in American homes for giving thanks. In the middle of the holiday season chaos, the Thanksgiving meal gives the ability to slow things down, give thanks and appreciate each other. Thanksgiving is associated with memories, the turkey’s aroma, a sense of belonging, the pleasure of being surrounded with friends and family, and gratitude for those in history and young generations that carry the tradition into the future.

Like in “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens, a story about redemption, the first thing that Ebenezer Scrooge did once he changed was purchase a ‘prize turkey’ from the local butcher and provided it as a gift to his clerk, Bob Cratchit’s family.

It is the gesture that shows goodwill and became the turning point for the story. Becoming known as the moment he leaves his ungrateful and miserly habits in the past. Since then, Scrooge’s ‘prize turkey’ has been given by companies, becoming an iconic gift and holiday symbol.

Thanksgiving Turkey as an American Business Tradition

Businesses have been providing employee’s with turkey’s for years. Historians have dated the tradition back to the 1800s during the manufacturing boom to introduce immigrant workers into an American tradition and share the Thanksgiving spirit.

Certain companies have continued the practice, even during times when turkeys were in short supply or rationed. One company in Long Island purchased turkey eggs during World War II and hatched them in time to raise them for giving at Thanksgiving.

Employee’s and their families have appreciated and shared thanks around a turkey for a long time, but it has not always been an easy item to give. This is because giving frozen turkeys can become a logistical issue from storage space, distribution and the timing.

Your team probably will not cherish having to distribute the turkeys by truckloads in a parking lot on a cold day in November, and it is not an efficient method either.

By providing frozen turkeys, the employee’s unique preferences are not considered. For instance, do you know what turkey size would be the best fit for each family? Does the family have enough space in the freezer? Do they have a way to get a frozen turkey home? What if they prefer the turkey at Christmas?

Make Turkey Gift Certificates easy with PromoGroup Rewards!

Your company can not gift a turkey for the holiday and keep the meaning of the tradition easily with PromoGroup Rewards! Turkey Gift Certificate. It keeps it flexible for your employee, and our gift certificates eliminates the need of guessing the correct turkey size for each employee. It also saves the stress of distribution and storage. You can order Thank You! Turkey Gift Certificates directly from our website at www.PromoGroupsRewards.com, or by phone at 800-288-8671. With same day shipping, it’s common to have them by the next day.

The recipient will love the flexibility of choosing the brand, and if it’s fresh, froze, cooked, etc. Our certificates can be redeemed at every major grocery store located in the United States, it has never been easier to share this special gift!

Also, every PromoGroup Rewards! Certificate of Gratitude will come with free personzliation for the name of the giver and recipient, with a free ‘Thank You’ enclosure card that you can customize the message for. To make it even better, we can include your logo if you desire, and send a proof, and it’s all free!

Just like with a frozen bird, gift certificates can be distributed during the Thanksgiving season by management with a hand shake and smile, with a sincere ‘thank you’, employee’s will appreciate it.

Sharing Gratitude

Share the gratitude with your team for working hard during this unique American holiday using PromoGroup Rewards, it’s easy and affordable, and gives meaning to your team. Let them know you appreciate them this Thanksgiving.

The PromoGroup Rewards! Team wish’s you and your family, the best this Thanksgiving Holiday.

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