How It Works –  PromoGroup Rewards Gift Certificates

At PromoGroup Rewards we want things simple and straightforward. That’s why we make our
Gift Certificates as convenient as possible. Here’s how they work:




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Ordering PromoGroup Rewards Certificates

PromoGroup Rewards Gift Certificates are generally available in amounts of $10, $15, $20, $25. Certificates may be redeemed up to 100% of their maximum value for merchandise the certificate-holder chooses.

PromoGroup Rewards Shipping has a small shipping / handling charge for Gift Certificates, however free shipping is offered on orders over $499.

For large orders, 5,000 certificates and greater, we are happy to provide a special price quote based on the quantity and type of Certificates you want.

Call us for details: 1-800-288-8671.

Handling charges 1% of your Certificate order.

Shipping charges depend on the delivery service you choose and range from $10 for Ground to $30 for Next Day Morning delivery, regardless of the number of Certificates purchased.

For more details, go to our FAQs

Distributing PromoGroup Rewards Certificates

Our Gift Certificates are easily distributed in a number of ways; one example would be paycheck envelopes. This makes our certificates an easy way to deliver your gift.

Redeeming PromoGroup Rewards Certificates

Promo Group Customer & Employee Gift Certificates may be redeemed at any grocery store or supermarket, including Walmart and Target. Our Certificates are processed the same way as big box manufactures coupons for easy of use.

PromoGroup Rewards Gift Certificates may be redeemed for the item printed on the front of the certificate; the certificate holder can choose any brand of that item they wish.

To redeem a PromoGroup Rewards Gift Certificate, simply give it to the cashier at the time of check-out. If your choice costs more than the value of the Gift Certificate, just pay the difference. For example, if the price of your turkey is $26 and the value of your Certificate is $25, you would pay $1 to the store.  If the merchandise costs less than the maximum value no change or additional merchandise will be received.

For additional details
Go to PromoGroup Rewards FAQs