‘Tis The Season With A Holiday Gift Check Program!

If you’re searching “Holiday Gift Check Program“, PromoGroup Rewards can help!  We offer exciting holiday gift checks that are easy to order and easy to give to your employees and customers.  Giving holiday gift checks shows your customers their business is important to you.  Employees also love being recognized for their hard work with holiday gift checks.  It is easy to order your holiday gift checks from PromoGroup Rewards and you have the choice of including your company logo and message on your holiday gift checks. Read more below for details on starting your program with PromoGroup.


In head to head cost comparisons PromoGroup Rewards beats the competition every time.


With PromoGroup Rewards there are never any handling fees for our gift certificates.

Participating Stores

Our gift certificates are redeemable at Participating Stores in the United States including Walmart® and Target®.


PromoGroup Rewards gift certificates are redeemable for any brand merchandise as described on the front of the certificate.

Popular Holiday Gift Checks

There are a lot of different gifts to give your customers and employees during the various holidays throughout the year.  During Thanksgiving and Christmas the dining tables are dominated by ham and turkey.  For the spring and summer Easter meals, mother’s day, father’s day, and the 4th of July have hams, steaks, prime rib, and much more.  PromoGroup offers all of these types of holiday gift checks and many other exciting options.  To see a full list of holiday gift checks click here.

Turkey Holiday Gift Checks

Turkey is synonymous with Thanksgiving and is one of the icons of this great holiday.  Turkey is however a favorite meal for many Americans at any time of year.  Turkeys are large and feed a great gather of friends and family. Choosing to give a turkey holiday gift check is a great option for your employees and customers.

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Ham Holiday Gift Checks

Ham is a popular holiday meal at just about any time of year.  It is prepared and served right along with Turkey for Thanksgiving and is served many times at Christmas and Easter. Giving your employees or customers ham holiday gift checks puts a delicious holiday meal at their fingertips.

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Grocery Holiday Gift Checks

Grocery holiday gift checks make it easy for your employees or customers to get everything they need to make that special meal.  Just about every holiday has a set of sides and desserts that people look forward to.  A grocery holiday gift check will help pay for the pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, and all of the other side dishes people look forward to at holidays!

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Chocolate Holiday Gift Checks

Chocolate is a sweet treat anytime of year and especially the holidays.  With a Chocolate Holiday Gift Check recipients will be able to go and choose their favorite brand, type, and flavor of Chocolate.  The choice is their’s between light, dark, white, caramel filled, sea salt, or any other brand of flavor that catches their eye!

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Prime Rib Holiday Gift Checks

Prime Rib is one of America’s favorite premium meals and you can give it as a gift with a Prime Rib Holiday Gift Check from PromoGroup Rewards.  Handing them to your employees, customers, and friends is easy and it allows them to go to their grocer and pick out the prime rib they way!

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Ice Cream Holiday Gift Check

After a great holiday meal the cool and refreshing taste of ice cream is welcomed by virtually anyone.  Handing tubs of ice cream to people as a gift isn’t practical but distributing our ice cream holiday gift checks is.  They can go to the store, pick their brand, flavor, and size of ice cream they like best!  These are a great addition to any main course gift check.

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How Holiday Gift Checks Work

Holiday gift checks are one of the easiest ways for companies to show their employees and customers that they are appreciated.  Simply choose what type of gift checks you want to give, how many, for what dollar amount, and place your order.  Once they arrive you hand them out, mail them, and give them to your valued customers and hard working employees.

How To Order

Ordering holiday gift checks from PromoGroup is simple and easy.  You choose what kind of holiday gift check to give, how much the amount should be, and how many you will need.  You can personalize your holiday gift checks with your company’s logo and a short message.

How To Give

Holiday Gift Checks are easy to give out and can be handed to employees or customers as a reward for hard work or loyalty.  They can be mailed and used where your recipients live.  Many of our customers choose to give holiday gift checks a week or so before the holiday so their employees and customers can plan on how to best use the gifts.

How To Redeem

Redeeming PromoGroup holiday gift checks is incredibly simple. Virtually every grocery store in the United States accepts our gift checks.  Gift check recipients simply go to their grocer, choose the size, brand, and type of turkey, ham, or groceries they want and present the holiday gift check at the register.  It will be applied to the item or items up to the face value on the gift check up to and including the expatriation date.

PromoGroup Holiday Gift Check Benefits

PromoGroup offers a wide selection of gift checks for companies to build customer and employee loyalty, show appreciation, and make the holidays all the more merry. Our gift checks include benefits such as no handling fees, options for personalization, flexible amounts, and they are easy to order and redeem.

  • No Handling Fees – We don’t charge handling fees
  • Personalized – Include a message and your company’s logo
  • Flexible Amount – Choose what dollar amount to give per check
  • Easy To Order – Order online or by phone
  • Easy To Redeem – PromoGroup gift checks can be used at just about any grocer
  • Unused Check Returns – Return the gift checks you don’t give out

Order Holiday Gift Checks

When you’re ready to get your holiday gift check program started you can call to order or you can browse a collection of popular holiday gift check options here. We offer the lowest prices, no handling fees, exciting gift options, and the best customer service available. Trust the promotion experts with your holiday gift check program!

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