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Thanksgiving Gifts Ideas for Employees

Gift Ideas For Employees For Thanksgiving

Looking for Thanksgiving gift ideas for your employees?  Here are the top 5 most popular Thanksgiving gifts.

  • Money – It’s easy to just give money, and most of us could use a couple extra bucks around the holidays. However this feels like a handout and not a gesture and has the potential to offend employees. Also the ease of just handing someone cash takes away from the focus of the Thanksgiving holiday.
  • Vacation – Giving employees a vacation is a wonderful gesture. It does however come with the time without those employees on the job and can mean extra expenses that are hard to anticipate. Extra transportation expenses or even passport issues can be a headache.
  • Booze – There’s few people in the world that don’t like a nice wine or glass of scotch. However this can be problematic for employees that have substance abuse issues, or family traditions that don’t include alcohol. It can single them out and ostracize them from the rest of the office.
  • Gift Cards – Gift cards for certain locations like Nordstroms, a local restaurant, or grocery store are also great employee gifts. While these gestures are nice, specifically giving Thanksgiving gifts are more genuine.

Why Give Turkey Gifts For Thanksgiving?

Giving away turkeys to your employees for Thanksgiving is a tradition in itself. Turkey gifting is a long lived tradition held by many companies and businesses. Giving turkeys away for Thanksgiving can be dated all the way back to the 1800’s. It was used as a way to introduce Thanksgiving to immigrant workers coming to America.

Sharing a holiday turkey meal with your employees is a great token of appreciation and is also cost effective, practical and significant holiday gift.
It’s also just good business practice.

Showing appreciation to your employees is more important now than ever before due our slowly recovering economy. Showing appreciation to your employees helps build a stronger relationship with them that goes beyond your work relationship.

Holiday turkey gifts for employees on Thanksgiving, when couple with a heartfelt expressed “thank you” from corporate and management, build a stronger culture and increase employee engagement. When your staff is having a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with their family and friends your generosity will be on their minds.

Thanksgiving Food Gifts For Employees

  • Turkey Gift Certificates For Employees –  Turkey gift giving is a great way to celebrate the spirit of the season and is an American tradition and that’s the sole reason the employee turkey gift giving tradition has survived for many generations.
  • Ham Gift Certificates For Employees – One of the best dishes to serve along side the turkey is a nice ham. It can be the star of the meal in some houses for Thanksgiving and employees will love the extra attention to helping pay to set the whole Thanksgiving meal.
  • Prime Rib Gift Certificates For Employees – For more variety some employers decide to give prime rib for Thanksgiving. It can be a nice addition to the table of turkey, or just given in lieu of a turkey gift.
  • Grilling Gift Certificates For Employees – Not everyone loves turkey for Thanksgiving, so having an alternative for people who don’t love the traditional meal is a great way to customize your gift giving approach.

Thanksgiving Gifts For Teachers

For schools and school districts showing appreciation for the teacher’s selfless efforts is an important one. Even parents of students many times like to show their appreciation for the care and professionalism that teachers show their children.

  • Grocery Gift Certificates For Teachers – Just like everyone else this time of year teachers are buying gifts for Christmas and spending extra money on the holidays. Having grocery gift certificates helps ease putting the extra trimmings on their holiday meal tables.
  • Flower Gift Certificates For Teachers – Many teachers like to bring some color and life into their classrooms during the darker days of the winter. This type of gift mirrors the iconic tree in our homes and the bright lights of Christmas.
  • Chocolate Gift Certificates For Teachers – While coping with the workload of teachers and the various problems that come up in education and classrooms a sweet reward goes a long way to helping get through the day. Giving the gift of chocolate will be a sweet way to thank teachers.
  • Candy Gift Certificates For Teachers – Not everyone loves chocolate, it’s hard to believe. But giving a general gift certificate for candy makes it so teachers can go choose whatever their sweet tooth desires.


Why Gift Certificates For The Holidays?

  • Avoid having to lug the traditional frozen turkey around and simply hand someone a Turkey Gift Certificate.
  • Turkey Gift Certificates are redeemable at any local grocer, including Walmart.
  • Buying them is easy, place your order and then simply hand them out to your employees.
  • Just about everyone loves Turkey, especially around the holidays.
  • Gift Certificates are good on any brand; Honeysuckle, Norbest, Butter-ball Jennie-O,  etc…

Employee Recognition

  • With competition as strong as ever recognizing people going the extra mile counts.
  • You want to help your employees celebrate Thanksgiving affordably.
  • To celebrate your employee’s accomplishments.
  • Even Scrooge gave a Turkey to show he was grateful, employees like to know they are valued.

Consumer Promotion

  • Encourage new sales.
  • Increase market shares for your brand.
  • Stand out from your competitors.
  • Send as a Thank You for their purchase, and to remind them of your high level of customer service.
  • Promotional door buster, get those customers lined up for free and then sell them.

Why Gift Certificates For Employees Work Best

Turkey Gift certificates are a great way to show appreciation or provide incentives for employees because it’s inexpensive, you can get a bulk rate and have the Christmas Gift Certificates or Thanksgiving Gift Certificates customized to match your company logo, have your own company message and color scheme. Looking for Christmas Gift Ideas for Employees? Click Here.

It’s personal, inexpensive and PromoGroup Rewards makes it easy, taking the hassle of decision making and valuable time off your hands so you can focus on running your business.

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