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Are your searching for “Gift Certificates For Employees“, while searching for a holiday gift for staff members? If so, PromoGroup Rewards can help! That’s literally what we specialize in, “Gift Certificates For Customer Loyalty & Employee Rewards“.

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We offer all types of gift certificates for employees rewards and incentives including:

Ham Gift Certificates

Ham is a favorite for a lot of families around Easter & Christmas time. The delicious and smoky smell as the ham bakes, and the great taste as it is served at the table, is a hallmark of the holidays. Ham gift certificates can be used to by the receiver for their choice of ham, be it spiral, honeybaked, or whichever type of ham your employees love best! Give a memorable gift of ham!

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Turkey Gift Certificates

While the turkey is the icon of the Thanksgiving feast, for a lot of families in the United States, it also makes an encore appearance at the Christmas dinner table. Your gift certificate recipients will be able to go to their own local grocer and pick out the brand, size, and flavors of turkey they like best. Be the holiday hero like Scrooge at the end of the movie, and give your employee’s table a turkey!

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Prime Rib Gift Certificates

For the most discerning culinary palettes there are sometimes no compromises. Prime rib gift certificates show your employees that you know they enjoy the finer things in life. Not only are you giving the gift of a delicious holiday meal, but you are showing them your respect for their affluence and refinement. Prime Rib makes the best holiday gifts!

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Pie Gift Certificates

What Christmas or Easter meal is complete without some pie!? With a pie gift certificate, you can give your employee’s a holiday meal with an undeniably sweet end. These certificates can be used for any flavors your employees or business partners love best, from apple to cherry pie, the Christmas dinner isn’t complete without at least a slice.

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Grocery Gift Certificates

Grocery gift certificates for employees are the coverall when you don’t know what exactly your recipients need for their holiday meal, or specifically what they like best. They will be able to go to the local grocer and pick up the things they need to complete their dishes and make the best holiday meals. From the vanilla extract to the whipped cream, grocery gift certificates complete the meal.

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Chocolate Gift Certificates

After the meal and the pie, there is always time for family and friends. Sitting by a fire while chatting over some hot coco with a box of chocolates is a holiday tradition. Gift a sweet gift that helps make the night more memorable. These make great gifts for employees or business partners to be able to shop for their favorite brands for chocolate.

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Participating Stores

Our gift certificates are redeemable at Participating Stores in the United States including Walmart® and Target®.


PromoGroup Rewards gift certificates are redeemable for any brand merchandise as described on the front of the certificate.

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