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Get Ready to Plan a Turkey Gift Program

At Thanksgiving, the turkey is the traditional symbolic meal for gratitude during the holiday season. Now is the time to get ready to plan a turkey gift program. Sharing this with employee’s as a gift is thoughtful, and you can do it with PromoGroup Rewards! Gift Certificates. Employee’s will love being able to take their turkey gift certificate and choose their own turkey at their local grocery store.

It’s hard to believe, but Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. This is a great time for you to prepare for the holiday season. Before you know it the holidays will be here, business will be booming and you’ll be scrambling to throw something together. Having a plan in place early makes the holidays less stressful for employers. Employees appreciate the small gestures during the holidays in the workplace. An easy way for business owners or operators to recognize their employees for Thanksgiving is with a turkey gift certificate program.

Making the Turkey Gift Program Simple

When it comes to PromoGroup, there is nearly no such thing as ‘too late’ for organizing a holiday turkey gift program. This is because we make it simple to personalize the turkey gift certificates, and they are good for a turkey of any brand or type (fresh, cooked, or frozen), and nearly any U.S grocery store location. Also, as we usually ship out orders the same day, you could have orders in the following day!

Call PromoGroup today at 800-288-8671 and Bypass the hassle of needing to order, store and plan for frozen gifts. Knowing what size bird would be right for each employee’s family would be challenging, do they have a freezer or refrigerator space available for storage, is the timing right for them, etc. It’s much easier just to provide a certificate and allow the employee to choose the turkey themselves, when it is convenient for their family.

PromoGroup creates a simple process for sharing a turkey gift this Thanksgiving that can be appreciated by the recipients from being able to choose their own to sitting at the dinner table.

Successful Turkey Gift Giving Tips

There is no better time of year to show your gratitude and how thankful you are for your employee’s and their families than at Thanksgiving time. Because of this, there is not a better way to present your thanks clearly than with a centerpiece for the holiday meal, a turkey! Chief growth strategist Sarah Johnson wrote the following in “This Thanksgiving, Show Employees Your Gratitude”:

“The language of love is food. Is that not the centerpiece for this great holiday?”

Including a Clear Thank You Message

Providing a turkey is one thing, but pairing a workplace gift with a sincere note stating your appreciation of the employee and how thankful you are, it goes even further. PromoGroup also makes this process simple with the customizable Enclosure Cards, and it’s free. You simply decide the design, the custom message, and a logo (optional). This service is free with any purchase.

Thanksgiving Gift Program Misfires

Some owners and operators have their hearts in the right place and really do value their employees. But just don’t quite hit the target with the Thanksgiving gift giving programs. It’s easy to get too busy during the biggest retail season of the year. Don’t trip into these easy to avoid gift giving pitfalls.

Avoid offering a prepackaged, hollow recognition by keeping the following in mind. These simple gift giving guidelines will help clearly illustrate your gratitude to the individual and help fuel the holiday spirit for the entire workplace:

  • Be excited: Share in holiday cheer! Business as usual is usually a bit dull. Take advantage of the holiday spirit and get excited. Cheer and happiness is contagious and during the shorter, darker days of winter everyone needs some extra light and excitement.
  • Be sincere: People work harder and go the extra mile when they feel sincerely valued by their employers.
  • Be specific: Using specific examples of an employee’s achievements, how they helped, and why their contributions were important, etc.
  • Be part of it: Ensure It Comes from Management: write a holiday note, sign cards, personally hand them out, etc. Employee’s appreciate this too!

Ordering Thanksgiving Turkey Gift Certificates

Allow PromoGroup to remove the hassle from your turkey gift certificate program give us a call today at 1-800-288-8671 or you can place an order online at PromoGroupsRewards.com

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