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Easter Holiday Gifts For Employees 2017

Are you searching for “Easter Holiday Gifts For Employees” as a way to thank or incentivize your employees for the spring?  Encouraging employees to go the extra mile in your workplace or thank they for consistently doing so is a great way to boost morale in your company.

The Need To Say “Thank You”

According to a business school review blogger, Peter Bregman the question “Do you really need to say thank you?” is answered with a definitive YES!

When a sincere thank you is offered to individuals it recognizes their hard work in achieving the goals that benefited the company, the individual, and of course the bottom line. Offering positive feedback and acknowledging the successful completion of deadlines, performance goals, or being punctual are all reasons to give a thank you to your staff.

Improving Office Morale

While daily praise and encouragement supports morale in your office having gifts around the holidays like Easter clearly shows that the work of your staff is appreciated and that team members are individually valuable to your business.

Spring is a time of rejuvenation and is a great opportunity to start the year off right with renewed efforts in making each of your employees feel valuable. Gifts can also be used as an incentive to be worked towards. Goals can be set and gifts can be earned for whichever areas of improvement each employer would like employees to focus on.

Are Office Easter Celebrations Appropriate?

According to workplacecommunicaions.com and most industries it is appropriate to celebrate Easter in offices and companies. While it is true that there are people who choose not to celebrate the Easter holiday tokens of appreciation for hard work are always welcome.

HR Magazine pointed out that there are ways to make everyone feel included even if they don’t celebrate Easter. There are secular and non-secular ways to view Easter and both can be related to by employers while giving gifts to recognize the hard work each individual puts in each and every day. While it can be challenging to stay neutral when celebrating holidays don’t let it stop you from having another fun holiday in your office. To appeal to the full range of beliefs keep the focus on celebrating the excitement of spring.

Ways To Stay Open Minded About Religious Beliefs

Easter has its roots in very old beliefs and has different means for different cultures. To keep open minds and encourage a office environment of inclusion here are some ways to get the job done.

  • Take time out to sit down and spend time with employees.
  • Recognize verbally the progress they are making all year long, it is greatly appreciated.
  • Show you appreciate each employee by giving out small gifts which reinforce your gratitude for all the hard work they put in.

Employee Easter Gift Ideas For 2017

There are a lot of different ways to do more than offer a simple “thank you”, here are some great ways to help improve your office morale and make employees feel valued.

Office Parties
– Just about everyone loves a free meal and having lunch catered for your Easter celebration is one great way to make this time of the year special.  Thanking each employee at the party with a small Easter gift makes the gesture public, meaningful, and will be remembered.

Take The Party Outside – A catered office lunch is great but many employers know that spring is a great time to organize a spring picnic or outdoor party.  Taking the time to get to know each other better outside of the office, providing food and drink, and having raffles for Easter Gifts will be a memorable thank you for your employees.

Gift Baskets – It’s not just children that enjoy the colorful baskets with candy and small Easter gifts. Most adults jump at the chance to relish in the simple joy of holidays and nostalgia of youthful holiday fun. Gift Cards for ham, to local restaurants, or if you know your employees well enough for their favorite hobbies are great additions to the sweets that you usually find it gift baskets.

Easter Ham Gift Cards – Ham is one of the most popular and delicious items that end up on Easter holiday meal tables. Easter Ham Gift Cards are easy to purchase, easy to distribute, and easy to redeem. They can go in gift baskets, be earned for achieving goals, or even be raffled off at office parties.

Monogramed Company Shirts – Summer will soon be here and employees love having the option of wearing t-shirts, polos, and button down shirts that proudly feature the company logo.  It can promote a feeling of office unity and can be ordered in lightweight and breathable short sleeves that are perfect for the summer.

Raffle off a weekend getaway – Weekend getaways in the forests, mountains, or at the beach are a favorite for everyone. Sending someone off for a weekend of fun and relaxation is a big way to say thank you!

Tickets to events – There are loads of festivals, concerts, sporting events, and other exciting activities that employees are sure to enjoy. Getting a chance to attend these events are significantly more memorable than a few extra dollars.

Send them to the movies – Another favorite pass time is heading to the theater for the newest blockbuster movies. Tickets are easier than ever to buy with online purchasing options or gift certificates from theaters.

Let them eat cake – Giving certificates for the local designer cupcake or bakery is a sweet way to let your employees know that you appreciate their efforts.

Fun candy gift notes – There are a lot of ways you can give a sweet thank you with a note that includes the name of a candy. For example a note that might read “We are so fortunate you’re part of our team” attached to a fortune cookie. There are countless fun ways to make these notes.

Have an egg hunt – Another fun way to give gifts and take time out from the grind is to stage an egg hunt. Eggs can be filled with gift certificates, tickets to movies, candy, or whatever you think your employees will be excited about. A good tip is to fill the eggs with like value items, so everyone feels like they win!

Certificates as a gateway to the outdoors – Spring brings with it warmer weather and opens the doors to the back country back up for many Americans. Gift certificates to outdoor retailers will help them buy the new hiking boots, hydration systems, and tents they need to get back out in nature.

Get them hooked on fishing – Another summertime favorite for many Americans is going fishing on the weekends. Giving them the time off and a gift card to a retailer will make it so they can get geared up, and get out there.

Make a bulls-eye – Gift cards or certificates to archery or shooting ranges are a fun way for employees to spend the weekend or free time. Having your range fees paid and some free targets and gun or bow rental won’t soon be forgotten.

10 Great Easter Gift Ideas Under $10 Dollars

  1. Something green – Pick up a small office plant, or maybe a seed packet that they can plant themselves.
  2. Light up their lives – Light their way in darkness with this small, handy flashlight from Lillian Vernon. It comes in all different colors and patterns, so you can choose one to fit their personality!
  3. Why not a candle? – A nice smelling candle can give a little warmth and a relaxing scent.
  4. The Pocket Toolkit will come in handy with any emergency, and is compacted to fit neatly in her purse.
  5. Daily indulgence – Tea is a hug in a mug, so you can’t go wrong with a nice tea cup and some delicious tea blends. Ever.
  6. Compact flip – A compacted mirror/hair brush combo that helps her stay pretty and her hair controlled when on the go.
  7. A custom spice set– Give the gift of their favorite spices in a spice set, just for them.
  8. A special memento – Take an office photo, place it in a nice frame, and give the memory of good times.
  9. A small piece of art – Easily found at craft stores, art fairs, or even homemade, a small piece of art is a lovely gift. It can also make a nice decoration for their desk.
  10. A gift for grill masters with a sweet tooth – Everyone loves s’mores, and an easy way to make them is over a grill with Lillian Vernon’s S’mores Grilling Rack and Skewers.

About PromoGroup Rewards

Easter Ham & Chocolate Gifts by PromoGroup are just two of the ways that employers can use Easter as an opportunity to recognize their employees for the first quarter of the year. The gifts are easy to buy, easy to hand out, and easy for gift recipients to use at their favorite local grocer.

We specialize in making it simple and easy for employers to choose which variety of gifts to purchase that will be appreciated and meaningful to employees. These gifts can be used as a thank you for hard work already done, used to incentivize new goals, or anytime employers want to give a concrete and meaningful gesture of appreciation.

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  1. Great post! It is true that everyone likes a good appreciation and when the appreciation comes with a gift or a special effort from the company , it also acts as motivation and creates a sense of loyalty and belonging towards the company

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