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Christmas Gift Ideas For Employees 2016

It’s Christmas time again and I’m sure you’re looking for that perfect personalized Christmas gift to give your employees or customers to show your thanks and appreciation for their hard work in 2016. Well, here are 10 Christmas gift ideas for employees and customers in 2016.

For starters, don’t get your employees the same ol’ boring non-personalized gift cards to Red Lobster or Starbuck’s. Instead, why not get them something their whole family can enjoy like a prime rib gift certificate or ham gift certificate. This season why not take it to another level by giving them a more personalized gift that will have them thinking, “this is something not only me, but my whole family can enjoy”. Plus you get to personalize your prime rib or ham gift certificates with a custom message your own company logo. That way your employees or customers will be thinking about you and your kindness while their entire family is enjoying their Christmas Ham or Prime Rib on you.

Don’t you want to give something more memorable back to those who helped create something memorable for you “success”. John Hall of Forbes wrote, “Gifts keep you at the top of clients’ minds year round.”

That’s why PromoGroup Rewards makes it easy to provide meaningful Christmas gift certificates for employees, service providers and clients all year long. Not only for Christmas, but also for Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, St Patrick’s Day and More… We have all types of food gift certificates available including BBQBeefPrime RibHamTurkeyBrisketRibsPizza and Steak certificates.

Your clients and colleagues want to know that you appreciate them. That’s why most companies and business owners would agree that you should give small gifts to your employees at least once a year and Christmas is the perfect time for giving gifts. Many companies are convinced that corporate gift giving is important for maintaining & building relationships, even as other companies cut budgets back in recent times due to the economic crunch, reports the Sacramento Business Journal.

How much money should you spend on Christmas gifts for your employees, customers, etc…?

It all depends on:
• How much do you plan on spending;
• How many employees, customers, business associates, etc…

It can be pretty tough finding individual gifts for everyone in your company and the costs can be very rough on your company’s budget. In the busy business world it’s not feasible to spend a lot of time selecting the perfect gift for every individual you work with. But, choosing a effective and meaningful corporate gift for your employees and customers is easier than you may believe. The best gifts are those that can and will be used throughout the year or for a special occasion like Christmas. Otherwise, they could end up at the bottom of the waste basket.

That’s why PromoGroup Rewards offers ham gift certificates and prime rib gift certificates for as low as $10.00-$25.00 a piece. Whenever possible, it’s always nice to personalize your gift. You can get these ham and prime rib gift certificates personalized with an customized thank you message to all of your employees, thanking them for their hard work and dedication to your company. Plus, it’s more of a unique gift than getting a gift card to one of the usual places that I’m sure they have received before.

PromoGroupRewards provides a simple, yet impacting, solution to the business Christmas gift-giving dilemma – christmas gift certificates. Our most popular gift certificates are for the Christmas holiday meal and main course food items like Prime Rib & Ham. It’s a gift your employees and customers can enjoy with their entire family. To take it a step further, our gift certificates can be used at Participating Stores in the U.S. for any brand of ham or prime rib of their choice.

Top Ten Christmas Gift Ideas For Employees, Clients and Business Associates in 2016:

  1. Christmas Bonus Money

    Everyone would love a great Christmas bonus but giving these $50-$100 Christmas gifts may not be in your budget. Plus, bonuses aren’t really that personalized. Yeah you get the money to spend wherever you like but do you remember where you spent your last $50 visa gift card at? Yeah we didn’t think so, we don’t remember either but we guarantee that your employee will never forget the Christmas ham that their entire family enjoyed together. From the time they receive the certificate, to the time they are at the grocery store using it, taking the ham or prime rib home and cooking it, to sitting down at the dinner table enjoying it, this gift will be remembered far longer than any $50 bonus that will be spent in one pop.

  2. Vacation or Staycation Time

    Who wouldn’t want a free vacation or staycation! Although, giving out a vacation to each one of your employees couldn’t be an outrageous amount of money to spend at the end of the 4th quarter. Why not get them something more cost effective that would still be meaning full.

  3. Groupon Vouchers

    There are tons of Groupon vouchers you could buy for your employees. For instance, you can buy cheap movie tickets for $5 dollars a piece. Why not buy enough for each person’s family to get to go together.

  4. Christmas Gift Cards & eGift Cards

    You could always take the easy, non-personalized boring approach and buy them all gift cards or eGift cards such as: Visa, Amazon, Best Buy, Sephora, The Home Depot, Target, Barnes & Noble, Penera Bread, Darden (Red Lobster & Olive Garden, Texas Roadhouse, Bed Bath & Beyond, Texas Roadhouse, GameStop , Applebee’s, IHOP, Red Robin, Staples, JCPenney, Papa John’s, and many more… However, everyone is used to getting gift cards for Christmas and doesn’t really show any thought process or caring that went into it. A personalized gift with a thank you message is always your best bet and by personalized we don’t just mean putting their name at the top of the gift card.

  5. Christmas Gift Certificates

    Gift certificates/cards for certain locations like Nordstroms, a local restaurant or grocery store are also great employee gifts. Also, food gift certificates such as BBQBeef, Prime RibHamTurkeyBrisketRibsPizza and Steak that can be used anywhere are all great gifts that could be appreciated by your staff.

  6. Ham Gifts

    Ham gift giving is a great way to celebrate the spirit of the Christmas season and is an American tradition — and that’s the sole reason the employee Christmas gift giving tradition has survived for many generations.

  7. Gift Baskets

    Gift baskets are a great gift to give employees depending on their tastes but these baskets can range from $40-$100 dollars and unless you are planning on spending nearly $50 dollars per employee, I would continue searching.

  8. Christmas Lunch

    Taking your employees out for a Christmas lunch is a great way to get out of the office and enjoy each other’s time off the clock. It would be even more special if your took them during working hours and still paid them while they are enjoying their lunch. This can be a little pricy as well depending on the restaurant you choose but it will for sure be an unforgettable experience.

  9. Budget (Homemade Christmas Gift): Hand Written Card

    Sometimes the simplest things make the most impact. Get your employees or customers a Christmas card and handwrite a personal message to them. Don’t use the same message for everyone, try to make it specific to your and that employee or customer.

  10. Massage, Spa or Chiropractic Treatments

    Individuals work hard and all that hard work can wear on our bodies. Having a good massage or spa treatment given to you around a stressful time of the year  like Christmas is priceless.

Christmas Gift Ideas From Boss

Knowing your office is the key to giving gifts that will give you the biggest bang for your buck. While everyone wants a big fat raise, not every budget will allow it. Meaningful and fun gifts can be given when you know how people think and generally what they might want. Here are some responses about Christmas gift ideas that people received from bosses.

  • One year I got a pine wreath, it smelled great and was festive. Another year I got a turkey and I appreciated it a lot.
  • Did I stutter? Just cash.
  • One boss took all of us to a casino, dressed up as Santa Claus and started handing out $20’s.
  • I had one boss that gave out ham gifts. I was a kid at the time living at home, and didn’t know what to do with it. I’d love to have one now.
  • One of my employers would give out a 50lbs box of potatoes. Potatoes. They were heavy, dirty, and I would just give them away.
  • Seems like whatever I got from bosses that were nice, were greatly appreciated. Some of the mean bosses would give similar stuff and it would just offend me. Can’t make up for a year of abuse with one gesture at the holidays.
  • An extra day off with pay in addition to the standard holiday schedule.
  • Gift Certificates! They are easy, plain and simple.
  • One of the best was 100$ gift cards to the nicer restaurants in town.
  • Having the time off between Christmas and New Years as paid holiday.
  • My wife’s boss gave all of the managers steak, it was a great gift!
  • Gift certificates to online retailers like Amazon, made it nice to get what we wanted.
  • Grocery gift certificates were a great relief with the tighter holiday budget.
  • One boss gave single malt scotch, it made the holidays warmer.
  • A note of appreciation along with money, time off, or a gift certificate . . . In that order.
  • One employer was an avid reader and loved giving the gift of books.
  • I appreciate just about any gift, but don’t want sports tickets, lottery tickets, or booze.
  • There was one employer that gave the entire Christmas dinner to all of the employees.
  • With a desk full of do-dads I love the food gifts. Something I can enjoy but not have to hold onto.
  • A blanket for the living room was a great gift that we still use.

Why Give Ham Gifts For Christmas?

Sharing a holiday ham meal with your employees is a great token of appreciation and is also practical, cost effective and significant holiday gift. It’s also just great business practice.

Showing appreciation to your customers and employees is more important now than ever before due our slowly recovering economy. Also, showing heartfelt appreciation to your employees helps build a stronger relationship with them that goes beyond your work relationship. “When an employee consistently turns in great work yet receives no recognition, you can be sure that his job satisfaction and morale is low. He might even consider finding a company that does appreciate his work. To make this scenario unrealistic at your workplace, be grateful for the work your employees do and show your appreciation through public or private recognition, parties, gift cards or whatever else would appeal to your team.” says Workplace Insights.

Giving holiday ham gifts to your employees on Christmas, when couple with a heartfelt expressed “thank you” from management and corporate, builds a stronger work culture and increases employee engagement. When your staff is having a wonderful Christmas dinner with their friends and family, your generosity will be on their minds.

Why Christmas Gift Certificates?

  • Give a traditional Chirtmas Gift without the hassle of handling fresh or frozen Hams.
  • Purchasing and distributing our Ham or Prime Rib Gift Certificates is easy. They are redeemable at any local grocery store or shopping center, including Walmart, Target, Fry’s, Albertsons etc…
  • Everyone appreciates Ham & Prime Rib Gift Certificates. (Helps them save money)
  • Ham Gift Certificates are good on any brand of ham

Employee Recognition Incentives

  • These are challenging times and you want to celebrate the Christmas Season at a affordable cost.
  • You want to recognize the accomplishments and efforts of your employees.
  • The Holiday ham symbolizes the company’s appreciation for each employee’s hard work and client’s dedication throughout the year.

Consumer Promotion

  • Generate Sales.
  • Increase consumer awareness for your brand.
  • Differentiate from your competitors.
  • O­ffer as: Gift-With-Purchase: “Spend & Get.”
  • Door Buster/Traffi‑c Builder.

Why Gift Certificates For Employees Work Best

Ham Gift certificates or Prime Rib Gift Certificates are a great way to show appreciation and provide incentives for employees because their inexpensive you can get a discount when you order at a bulk rate. You can also have the Christmas Gift Certificates match your company logo, color scheme and display your own personalized company message.

Christmas Gift Certificates are affordable and personal gifts to give to any employee or customer of yours. PromoGroup Rewards makes it easy, taking the hassle of searching for last minute Christmas Gift ideas for your employees and clients, so you can focus on running your business. View our certificates below or give us a call to order your certificates over the phone. Merry Christmas!

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