Redeeming Your PromoGroup Rewards Gift Certificate Is Easy!

First let us say Congratulations on receiving your PromoGroup Rewards Gift Certificate!
We know your Gift Certificate will add value to your shopping experience!

Choose ANY BRAND of the type of merchandise indicated on the front of your Gift Certificate. Present your Gift Certificate to the cashier when you check out. The cashier will process your Gift Certificate at the time of purchase. It’s that easy!

Your Gift Certificate is redeemable for the product specified on the Gift Certificate up to the face value written on the front of the Gift Certificate. You are responsible for any payments over the value written on the front of the Gift Certificate and any applicable taxes.

Your Certificate may be redeemed at any major grocery store
including Walmart® and Target®!

If you have further questions about your gift please call us at 1-800-288-8671 (Mon-Fri / 8:30-5:00).

Let PromoGroup Rewards help build your next Loyalty or Rewards Program today!